15 Years After Hal Finney’s “Running Bitcoin”, SEC Gives the Green Light to Bitcoin ETFs

It’s quite fascinating how life can throw up some fabulous coincidences.

Bitcoin Spot ETFs were approved by the SEC exactly 15 years to the day after a legendary moment in Bitcoin history.

15 years after Hal Finney tweeted “Running Bitcoin” to the world.

Of course, nobody was paying attention at the time. It was a stroke of good fortune for Bitcoin, as it allowed Bitcoin to patiently build up its initial anonymity before more and more daring people joined its unique monetary revolution.

Today, Bitcoin boasts over 250 million users, yet we’re still only at the beginning of this revolution.

These Bitcoin Spot ETFs will attract more people from the general public. People will finally understand that Bitcoin has nothing to do with a scam, contrary to what the powerful people at the head of the current system have been trying to make them believe for years.

This is a huge opportunity to accelerate the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

But opportunity also means risk. There is also a great risk that the financial giants on Wall Street will try to steal the meaning of the Bitcoin revolution from you, by taking over the role of intermediary between you and Bitcoin.

It’s essential to understand that you don’t need these financial giants to buy Bitcoin. You have to do it directly by taking possession of your private keys.

This is the only way to free yourself from the debt-based, flawed, and not fixable system that has always been imposed on you. What I’m hoping is that seeing all these commercials from the financial giants extolling the virtues of their Bitcoin Spot ETFs, a majority of people in the general public will finally see through them.

Something along the lines of:

“Ah, but Bitcoin isn’t a scam after all, since BlackRock or Fidelity are offering it to us as a financial product.”

“Why don’t I try buying some directly and see what it can do for me.”

Some people will tell me that these investors who are going to come don’t care about the self-sovereignty that Bitcoin gives you and that they’re only interested in the financial appeal. They’ll tell me this is all wishful thinking.

Maybe it is. Or maybe it isn’t.

That’s what’s at stake in the months and years to come. As Bitcoiners, we need to help as many people as possible to understand where their real interest lies in Bitcoin.

Only then will Bitcoin continue to move in the right direction: that of a unique monetary revolution capable of changing the world we live in for the better.

Not just for privileged Westerners, but for the wider world.

Whatever happens, the coming months and years promise to be fabulous for Bitcoin.

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