Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Spot ETFs: The Great Illusion Has Started. Beware.

It is quite shocking to see that so many people have completely misunderstood Bitcoin in recent days and hours.

Or maybe these so-called Bitcoiners are finally revealing their true colors by showing that only greed has always guided them…

With the approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs, some even believe that the mass adoption of Bitcoin by the general public has started…

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Even if these financial products are phenomenally successful, this will in no way mean that mass adoption has started for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin aims to free us from these intermediaries who abuse people’s trust and make people pay fees that have no reason to be paid.

The mass adoption of these Bitcoin-based financial products will only be one more obstacle to the separation of Money and State.

Bitcoin aims to separate Money and the State.

Do not forget it.

Mass adoption will start when the general public understands that these financial products are just a lure used by the powerful at the head of the current system to try to distract them from the real purpose of the Bitcoin revolution.

Your interest in Bitcoin lies in taking power over the fruit of your labor and your life.

This therefore involves understanding the why of Bitcoin, understanding why you need self-custody, understanding why you need to run a node on the Bitcoin network, …

In short, this means you need to understand that Bitcoin is much more than just another financial investment!

All of this is much more interesting than spending your day raving about the trading volumes of financial products within a flawed and unfixable system.

A debt-based system which is at the root of the majority of the ills of our society. A system that imposes constant censorship on you and which has impoverished you a little more every day for decades.

Bitcoin Spot ETFs are not a solution to any problem. Bitcoin is the solution. Bitcoin is your way out!

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