Exchanging Your US Dollar for Bitcoin Is a Life-Changing Decision and a One-Way Process.

Exchanging your US dollar for Bitcoin is a life-changing decision.

It’s a one-way process, once you understand the why of Bitcoin.

Once you’ve secured the fruits of your labor on the world’s most secure decentralized network, there’s no turning back.

So it doesn’t make sense to imagine making a profit later in US dollars if you understand the why of Bitcoin.

Why would you do that? Because you’d be exchanging the hardest money in the world for weak money (the US dollar). Your profit would only be temporary because the money you’d get back in US dollars would once again be at the mercy of the current debt-based system imposed on us.

The fruits of your labor would again be at the mercy of inflation and censorship.

This is not what you want if you understand the deeper meaning of the Bitcoin revolution.

The purpose of the revolution Bitcoin is above the price of Bitcoin.

Once you’ve understood that, you’ll have taken a big step forward in understanding Bitcoin and what lies ahead for the future.

My illustration only shows an arrow pointing in one direction: Fiat money to Bitcoin.

That’s the key!

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