Bitcoin Early Adopters Are Not Lucky, They Have 4 Essential Qualities.

The price of Bitcoin is back above $50K.

This is just the beginning, but you’ve probably already started to hear some people say:

“If only I’d known, I’d have bought Bitcoin in 2023”.

These are the same people who said that in 2018 or 2019.

These are the same people who at every Bear Market come and tell you that Bitcoin is worthless and on its way to extinction. These people only believe in Bitcoin when its weak money price exceeds 50K. Suffice it to say, they don’t understand the why of Bitcoin.

It’s precisely at these times that they should be accumulating more BTC.

These same people come to you today, or will do so in the future, to say “You were lucky to buy Bitcoin in 2023…”.

In reality, that’s not the case at all, just as it wasn’t the case for Bitcoin’s early adopters. There’s no luck involved here, but 4 great qualities that these early adopters possessed.

1. Curiosity

Today, everyone has heard of Bitcoin at least once. Everyone has an opinion about Bitcoin. Good or bad, even neutral, everyone knows about Bitcoin. Of course, only a minority of people have already grasped the unique opportunity that Bitcoin represents.

But in the early days of Bitcoin, it took a great deal of curiosity to discover its existence. Bitcoin started to make more noise in 2013 when it first hit $1,000, but even then, curiosity had to guide you to go test this system that a handful of people were advertising as revolutionary.

Of course, not everyone is capable of showing this curiosity. Many wait for technologies to make buzz before jumping on the bandwagon. Those who have this mindset will always be a step behind. Nothing unfair though, it’s a quality you choose to develop or not.

2. Intelligence to stay open to new things

Knowing that Bitcoin exists is not enough. Then you have to take action. And to take action, you need to be smart enough to be open to new things.

When faced with something new, most people tend to turn away and cry “scam.” With Bitcoin, there is nothing you can relate to because Bitcoin is unique. Thus, many people had an immediate reaction of rejection. Only those with an open mind were able to go straight to the point and see that Bitcoin was not just another technology, but money.

They then understood that Bitcoin’s superiority was not technological, but monetary. Bitcoin is P2P money tied to no government and no central bank. Bitcoin is a unit of wealth.

The sooner you understand this, the sooner you will understand why Bitcoin is essential to protect the fruits of your labor.

3. The courage to act differently than the masses

Some people understand why Bitcoin exists, but are still reluctant to act. Why? Because the masses continue to criticize Bitcoin. These people are still stuck in the current system and take at face value what they are told by politicians, central bankers, economists, or the mainstream media.

Some of the criticisms you hear constantly: “Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme,” “Bitcoin is a danger to the environment,” “Bitcoin promotes money laundering,” “Bitcoin is used by thugs,” …

So buying Bitcoin the first time around takes a lot of courage. It takes even more courage because it may seem technically complicated to some. Nevertheless, the progress in terms of user experience that has been made over the last few years is amazing. Now anyone who can use a smartphone can buy Bitcoin. Buying Bitcoin is almost as easy as sending an email now.

What still scares some people is probably the moment they send their BTC to their hardware wallet. The fear of losing everything if they make a mistake in the address they enter, for example, can be scary. But it is by facing this fear that you can take control over the fruit of your work. Bitcoin is worth it.

4. Determination to stay true to your choices

Those who have bought Bitcoin once are only at the beginning of a journey that is fraught with difficulties. First, you’ll have to resist social pressure. Many people around you are likely to criticize you for this purchase as soon as the price of Bitcoin hits a Bear Market. Of course, in a Bull Market, they will envy you, as I said in the introduction.

Then there will be those who will try to make you believe that you should take a profit with your Bitcoin.

In reality, there is no exit strategy with Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is the exit strategy from the current system!

The day you understand the why of Bitcoin, you will know that Bitcoin is an accumulation game for the years to come. You have no interest in selling hard money for weak money. This winning mindset with Bitcoin requires determination to stay true to your choices. A quality that is increasingly rare these days.

It’s in your best interest to do just that!

Final Thoughts

The price of Bitcoin will go much higher in the future. This is not a guarantee, but my deepest conviction. In the future, those who have accumulated Bitcoin in the early years, and we are still in the early years of Bitcoin, will again be called “lucky” by those who join the revolution train after the others.

As I have just demonstrated, these early adopters of Bitcoin will not have been lucky, but on the contrary, will have demonstrated 4 essential qualities that will have allowed them to jump on the Bitcoin revolution bandwagon before the others.

This brings us back to the same truth: everyone buys Bitcoin at the price they deserve.

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