How Bitcoin Makes You a Better Human.

Bitcoin at least encourages you to become one by opening your eyes to some of life’s essential truths and glaring injustices worldwide.

How Bitcoin Makes You a Better Human

Reading the title of my article, you’ll immediately think I’m a bit pretentious by saying that Bitcoin has the power to make you a better human.

Some people will tell me that they are tired of reading articles where they are told that Bitcoin is like a magic pill that gives you all kinds of advantages in life.

If you feel that way, feel free to tell me in the comments, but before you do, read the opinion I’m going to defend below. It might resonate with you.

The first thing you’ll agree with me on is that the current educational system does everything it can to keep you in blissful ignorance.

Everything is done to give you confidence in the current system by discouraging you from trying to understand how it works (admittedly ultra-complex) and making you believe that your government will be there for you no matter what happens.

After all, your governments and central bankers only want what is best for you.

What a joke…

If you are lucky enough to be born in the West, you start with an obvious advantage over people in emerging countries. These people have always been confronted with the injustice of the current system. To the corruption of corrupt leaders who constantly censor them and to the monetary hyperinflation.

This one hardly starts to shock you in the West for a few months…

However, the inhabitants of these countries would dream of having inflation between 5 and 15%. This shows the precarious situation in which the inhabitants of these countries live.

But as a Westerner living in blissful ignorance, you have never taken the time to look at this other part of the world. After all, the mainstream media hardly ever mentions it. When they do, it’s in a negative way, or to tell you that your governments are helping these countries.

What a joke…

You are a human who is doing your best, but you are still in total ignorance. It’s not all your fault as I said, but you should look beyond your little Western comfort.

And to me, that’s where Bitcoin plays an incredible role.

Once you start to understand the why of Bitcoin, you gradually discover all the flaws in the current system. You start questioning everything in your life. This ranges from the current system to anything the media or governments push as a narrative.

You apply the Bitcoin slogan “Don’t Trust, Verify” to the letter.

That’s a good thing because it makes you look to see what’s happening elsewhere. All of a sudden, you discover the daily life of Bitcoiners living in Lebanon, Argentina, Nigeria, …

You look for information on your own to get away from the lies propagated by the mainstream media that serve the governments.

Then you understand that people have always suffered from an unfair system in the hands of America and the West. America is in charge, but the other big Western countries are accomplices.

Beware, I am not going to defend the Chinese or Russian will to create a new world order through chaos all over the world. But I am not going to defend the current system which is unfair for the majority of the inhabitants of the planet.

Once you understand this, you will have already taken a big step to become a better human.

Some people then get involved at their level by donating to associations that receive donations in Bitcoin. The goal is to help those for whom Bitcoin is already a plan A. Beware, not all Bitcoiners do this, everyone does what they want to do with their money.

But you’ll find that many do because they understand that their privileged situation requires helping others for whom things are not going so well.

Simply buying a good from someone in an emerging country and paying for it in BTC rather than in weak money is already something important. This is close to the “Spend and Replace Bitcoin” pattern I recently talked about.

These people will thus have at their disposal real wealth belonging to them. A kind of wealth that no one will be able to steal or confiscate from them.

Being a Bitcoin HODLer who sees beyond the short-term price of Bitcoin also serves people in these emerging countries. Others are developing Bitcoin Mining projects in Africa or other areas that allow local people to turn their abundant renewable energy into wealth.

Real wealth, since we’re talking about Bitcoin here.

I told you a story of this type at the beginning of 2023 with BigBlock Green Services that helped save the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Bitcoin is not a miracle, but it does encourage people to help each other and to unite through the way its system works. As I often tell you, Bitcoin succeeds in reconciling the interests of the collective with those of individuals.

The simple fact of being aware of all this, and of trying at your level to move things in the right direction by promoting a superior and unique monetary system that is fairer to all, already makes you a better human.

It’s up to you to tell me if I’m wrong in my opinion.

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