The Numbers Don’t Lie: The US Dollar Has Been Used 606 Times More Than Bitcoin to Launder Money Since 2017.

You know as well as I do the lies that Bitcoin’s opponents love to use to denigrate this unique monetary revolution.

“Bitcoin is a disaster for the environment”.

“Bitcoin is only used for illegal activities”.

“Bitcoin is on the verge of extinction”.

I’ll stop there, but the list goes on. Politicians, economists, and bankers have no shortage of imagination when it comes to trying to turn the general public away from the Bitcoin revolution.

A common lie is that Bitcoin promotes money laundering!

It’s as if the world’s crooks had to wait for Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention of Bitcoin to start laundering money with bad intentions…

Rest assured, thugs didn’t wait for the invention of Bitcoin to do just that. The American dollar has always done the job very well. All the more so as the American dollar system is so opaque that thieves have everything they need to launder their money within it. And then there are the bankers who play their part in facilitating these illegal operations. It’s not for nothing that I often refer to them as Banksters!

Bitcoin is used to launder money too, but that’s simply because Bitcoin is money. As a result, thugs are looking for every possible means to carry out their illegal activities.

Nevertheless, the world’s thieves quickly realized that the transparency and openness of the Bitcoin blockchain was a major handicap to carrying out money-laundering operations out of sight of the authorities.

After testing Bitcoin, thieves realized that the U.S. Dollar system was much more welcoming to their illegal activities. This is confirmed by data published by a United Nations agency specializing in this field.

Since 2017, this agency estimates that over $20,000 billion has been laundered via the US Dollar. At the same time, “only” $33 billion has been laundered via the Bitcoin system. This represents an enormous differential. The US dollar was therefore used 606 times more than Bitcoin over the period to launder money:

I’m not making these figures up; they were published by the United Nations Office specializing in drugs and crime.

So I’d like to ask a simple question to those who still find it hard to open their eyes to Bitcoin:

Do you still believe the lies of politicians who want you to believe that Bitcoin facilitates money laundering?

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