The question “What will you do when Bitcoin price reaches $1M?” is pure nonsense

You’ve probably already heard someone ask you, “What will you do when the price of Bitcoin reaches $1M?

If not $1M, it could be $500K or $100K. But the idea is the same.

This question is meaningless to those who understand the why of Bitcoin because the problem doesn’t even arise.

The only people who ask this type of question are people who don’t really understand the why of Bitcoin and see Bitcoin as just another financial investment. Unfortunately, this is still the majority of Bitcoin market participants today. But things will change.

Let’s say the price of Bitcoin reaches $100K and you sell your Bitcoin that you have been accumulating and holding patiently for years. Yes, you will have more money in U.S. dollars than you had initially. However, you will only have the illusion of wealth, because you will be stuck in the debt-based fiat system again.

You will have exchanged hard money for weak money and will once again be trapped in a system whose arbitrary rules keep changing and are decided by a minority of people who are not representative of the people. A flawed system whose unfairness benefits those who run it, which makes this system not fixable.

If you understand the reason for Bitcoin, you know that your interest is quite different.

When the price of Bitcoin reaches $500K, we will already be in the midst of the hyperbitcoinization of the world. Other nations will have adopted a Bitcoin standard as El Salvador did in September 2021.

This means that it will be even easier to live solely in the Bitcoin system as many companies will offer to pay you directly in Bitcoin. The adoption of Bitcoin as a unit of account will become stronger and stronger.

So the real pattern will be the one that all Bitcoiners are pursuing:

  • Work
  • Earn in BTC
  • Save as you want, because you have the power
  • Enjoy your life
  • Repeat :).

All this without depending on a fiat currency in the hands of the powerful at the head of the current system.

The next time someone asks you such a question, you can simply answer: “Bitcoin HODLer one day, Bitcoin HODLer forever”.

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