BlackRock’s Change of Attitude on Bitcoin Is Symptomatic and Should Make You Realize That It Is Time To Understand the Why of Bitcoin.

Even the fiercest opponents of Bitcoin eventually realize the obvious: Bitcoin is a unique monetary revolution that is here to stay.

In 2017, Larry Fink told you that Bitcoin is for money laundering.

Six years later, Larry Fink tells you that Bitcoin could revolutionize the world of finance. BlackRock has requested SEC approval for a Bitcoin Spot ETF.

Things move very quickly, and to avoid finding yourself a loser, you must learn to think for yourself.

Don’t listen to advice from Larry Fink or others. Take the time to form your truth about Bitcoin to make your own decisions and no longer let people like Larry Fink manipulate you by telling you what to do!

My book “The Truth About Bitcoin” is here to support you and give you every chance to form your own opinion on Bitcoin.
Don’t Trust, Verify.

Then you will know what to do and you will no longer have to play the role of puppet of powerful people within the current system like Larry Fink.

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