Opting for the Bitcoin System Means Opting for the End of Endless Wars Financed by Weak Money Like the US Dollar.

The current system is flawed and not fixable.

You’ve heard this many times before.

Some people are completely unaware of this fact, while others who are aware of it prefer to close their eyes because the injustice of this system benefits them.

These people think that staying in this flawed system is no big deal because, in the end, it’s not!

But think again!

The consequences of the current system’s flaws are far more serious than you can imagine.

You must have realized that, for decades now, humans have been waging endless wars with ever-increasing casualties.

Have you ever wondered what is behind these wars?

Have you ever wondered why humans give in so easily to their penchant for war and destruction?

At the root of these wars lies the weak money at the heart of the current system.

The ability to debase the U.S. dollar ad infinitum allows America to wage more and more protracted wars.

To finance these wars, all the Fed has to do is print more fiat money out of thin air, and America goes deeper into debt every week. American debt now exceeds $34T. The days when a debt-to-GDP ratio of over 100% was taboo are over.

Janet Yellen, the US Treasury Secretary, even candidly admits that America has no choice but to issue more Treasury bonds to repay America’s debt.

The current system is a vicious circle that is dragging humanity down.

Bitcoin isn’t a miracle solution, because miracle solutions don’t exist. On the other hand, Bitcoin’s unique characteristics will encourage people to stop taking the easy way out. These incessant wars will simply become too expensive to finance with the Bitcoin Standard.

Bitcoin is a weapon for peace.

When you choose to opt for the Bitcoin system, you choose to give less weight to the American dollar and more weight to building a better world for the future.

That’s something I don’t think is emphasized often enough.

Bitcoin will help prevent wars in the future.

For more details on this subject, I invite you to read this issue of the In Bitcoin We Trust Newsletter: “Bitcoin Will Help Prevent Wars, but It Will Not Be a Miracle Peace Weapon

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